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Protecting Our Future - Eco School Visit (Solar/Wind/BioDiversity/Food/Hydro)

Posted by Asher Budwig on
Protecting Our Future - Eco School Visit (Solar/Wind/BioDiversity/Food/Hydro)

If we are to repair and restore our planet, we have to inspire younger generations, whilst taking immediate action ourselves to avert a climate crisis, if indeed it can be averted. I think we can soften the blow, but are quite far gone. 

Next Day Solar is committed to educating the younger generation, whilst (as our day to day) helping our customers install solar panels, battery systems and energy saving devices, and so we provide a short summary of our recent work in an educational setting.


If you are a customer of next day solar, you have helped to ensure we can continue to carry out these days. If you are considering an installation, you will be helping us carry out this vital work in the future.

We also provide a link to our planning, if you are looking to run an ‘eco day’ in an educational setting, with examples of activities you can do with groups.

We arranged our eco day into 5 different areas, and the children moved through each of the stations. We were able to see 6 year groups on this day.

Wind Power – Construction of wind turbines, and meccano models, and demo of our giant turbine. 


Solar Power – Solar games, solar models and so much more


Hydro Generation – We built our own hydro system, which helped kids understand how water from higher points can be run over a turbine during the night to generate energy when the sun isn’t shining, and using solar in the day to pump the water back up to a higher point.


Bio Diversity – Talking about where the bugs have gone, and building bug homes to re-store homes for bugs who have lost their natural habitat.


Food Growth – Talking about the benefits of home grown, saving carbon, food miles etc and planting food to take home.


A few photo’s below to help illustrate the day we did.



Special thanks to the teams behind the scene's helping us prepare for these events. 


And the prototypes ! 

Thank you


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