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We exist because... we care deeply about the planet, and we got into solar... simple

We believe solar should be accessible to everyone who wants to play a part in creating a better future

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About us

Our origins lie within sustainable food delivery, and back in 2018, we were using electric vehicles to deliver food carbon-free, as part of a move to become a more environmentally caring bakery company. Those vehicles needed fridges, so we decided to put solar panels on the roof to help power them and keep the food chilled. 

The fridges lasted 10-15% longer than they would have done without the help from the solar panels, and this meant that ultimately smaller batteries could be installed within the vehicles, and less grid power was consumed when charging those batteries, and the vans could travel further. 


Technical Manager

My name is Said, I have been working in the tech industry for 8 years and I love being involved in sustainable products! Being the Business Development manager of Next Day Solar allows me to drive forward a sustainable business which i’m passionate about.


Sales & Technical administration

I enjoy fishing and anything related to nature. I am very passionate about renewables and committed to create a highly professional and effective experience for our present and future residential and commercial clients.


Customer Happiness Manager

Having recently graduated in Natural Sciences from the University of Nottingham, I have developed a passion for climate change science and the road to Net-Zero and a more sustainable future. Outside of encouraging people to put solar on their roofs I spend most of my free time hiking, cycling, surfing or doing anything that will get me outdoors.


Renewable energy specialist

I'm passionate about our planet and that's why I wanted to get involved in a renewable energy company! Ensuring our customers are making a switch to renewable power to clean, free, energy from the sun!


Renewable energy team Leader

I have over 20 years experience in the commercial and residential construction industry. When I’m not up on a roof, I enjoy spending time with my family and dog, my 2nd passion is welding, which my father did for over 50 years back in Poland


Head of Electrical

I hold decades of experience as an electrician and making the choice to work on sustainable projects is something I cared deeply about. Working on making every day lives of our customers better by allowing them to use green energy via solar power is very rewarding.



With our assistance, I hope we can help many customers reduce their impact on the planet. I have a passion for all things with a current and volt, and enjoy both on and off grid system design and application. I grow vegetables at home, collect rainwater, have solar, ride an e-bike, and try to minimize my own impact


E-Commerce Manager

Sharing a personal passion to live more sustainably, Next Day Solar’s day to day mission is shared within our 24/7 e-commerce store. Selling products to help everybody live a more sustainable life.

Our 4 guiding principles

You don’t have to be an engineer to use solar

Basic solar setups are simple, low maintenance and require no prior technical knowledge. We will provide all our customers with simple and clear information to ensure they can setup a safe system

Every day, energy is available and isn’t captured.

There is a marginal impact on the energy available through mass up-take (such as your neighbour putting up a solar panel on his roof), so every day, is a wasted day not capturing free energy that could be used from the sun


You’ll be able to make a lasting impression on surrounding younger generations. We offer a small range of solar toys to help educate in a fun and approachable way

Out of sight out of mind

We believe that energy consumption should be accessible and easy to understand. We’ve got a range of smart solar controllers that connect to your phone, so you’ll know how much energy you are using and generating


Let’s start saving our planet now!

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Let’s start saving our planet now!

Learn more